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About Me

So you want to marry a Foreign Woman!

Welcome to "How to Marry a Foreign Woman" and other FAQ's.

My name is Kevin McConnell and I have successfully married a beautiful woman from the Philippines. I'm here to help you through the processes it takes to get her to the USA, what to look for in your girl when you are on a dating site, and updates regarding other snags you may run into.

This site is mainly for men, however, if you are a Foriegn woman seeking a man, you may get some hints here that may make you more desirable to your future husband.

Ladies, please visit my wife's blog for Immigration Visa tips, tricks, and guides.

Again... welcome, have fun, and find your dream girl! You know what you want, be picky!

Be totally honest with her...when I say totally honest... I mean BE TOTALLY HONEST!

Women in different countries, watch US Television and Movies, and they think that what they see is, what they are coming to. Explain to her that you're not the richest man in world, and you don't own a home, or you work at McDonald's. It doesn't matter!

It matters if you tell her a bunch of lies, and then she gets here, and you've just spent a ton of money getting her here... Your marriage is going to fail!
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