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Agents and Developers - all our buyers, investors and tenants really want to see your properties!
Regardless of how many properties you have for sale/rent, you can list them all here for FREE. We will promote them for FREE and all enquiries are delivered to your member's area for FREE too as they happen, 'real-time & really, really hot'.
We ARE NOT property brokers or agents. Listing your properties on PropertyWikia will not affect your existing contracts with clients or other portals. PropertyWikia is a new tool for property professionals to market their listings.
The PropertyWikia service is a new concept, however based on an existing simple proposition - we act as a medium between millions of active home buyers, investors, tenants and thousands of agents and developers worldwide. We give you quality leads to your properties for FREE, yet there are many more reasons why you should be part of PropertyWikia:
  • Promote your listings on PropertyWikia -  FREE!
  • Get quality, real time leads - FREE!
  • Get your listings in front of motivated investors, buyers and tenants
  • Connect with a growing network of high net worth investors & buyers
  • Each listing displays a link to your company profile that can link back to your website
  • Your data can be updated through XML feeds/imports
  • All listings are optimized for higher search-engine visibility
  • Receive leads/referrals to local/national/international sellers in need of an agent
  • *Your buyers get a FREE solicitor/lawyer (conveyance) - See more buyer's info
  • *Your buyers get a FREE property survey - See more buyer's info
  • *Your buyers get 50% off their removal's cost - See more buyer's info
  • *Your tenants get 50% off their removal's cost only - See more tenant's info
  • Register as an agent/realtor now...

For Sale By Owner: 

Yes! You Can Save Thousands In Agent’s Fees – And We Will Help You

Are you thinking of selling your property? Or maybe you already have it up for sale and it's just taking too long to sell?
Traditionally sellers use the services of an estate agent or realtor and for years they have cornered the market – making a killing in commissions from property owners just like you and me.
Well, not any more!
With the growth of the 'For Sale By Owner' concept in the property market, things are changing and changing fast. No longer do you need to leave your property on the books of agents for what seems like forever and then pay a hefty commission when they eventually do sell it – sometimes even at a reduced price.
Rent Your Property on PropertyWikia.
100% Risk Free - At no time is your property at risk. Final arrangements for the rental are made between you and the tenant in the usual way.
You have only (2) TWO steps remaining to rent your property...
Step 1: Register with PropertyWikia.
Step 2:
 Sign in to your member area to list your property (Listing takes average twenty mins).
List any type of property with us for FREE today:
  • Homes
  • Home share
  • Rooms & bedsits
  • Room share 
  • Commercial, industrial, retail & leisure
  • Agricultural
  • Land
  • Student accommodation
You set the rental price, we'll advertise your property FREE and rent it within 12 weeks or pay YOU $158.00 Compensation every week until it's RENTED.
No rental commission - let us rent your property for you; it'll cost you nothing. Use our FREE 'Negotiator' to help you manage and negotiate with tenants to easily rent out your property online with no stress or pressure involved. If you like our service, please show us how much by opting-in to our optional 'ShareSave' programme (more information in your member's area).


All tenants SAVE money with PropertyWikia!
Why register as a tenant? Register and get these benefits:
  • *50% off removal's cost
  • Can contact landlords/property owners
  • Can save property to shortlist
  • Can track property & set alerts
  • Register as a tenant 
PropertyWikia Tenant's Guarantee - We will 'pay' 50% of your removal's cost when you rent a property through PropertyWikia. Limited numbers of 'Tenant's Guarantee' accounts apply - by registering today will ensure you get one. Registering as a Tenant today means you can rent unlimited property and benefit from this 'Tenant's Guarantee'. Click here to register as a tenant. *

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